Power Amplifiers From Arcam

16th September 2019

Arcam has announced a trio of new power amplifiers to its HDA range: the PA240, PA410 and PA720

The three power amplifiers here combine a mixture of AB and Class G amplification. 

The PA410 is the sole Class AB design here, delivering four channels, rated at 70W each.  It includes a toroidal-based power supply and, “…an acoustically damped chassis, and paralleled transistor output stages,” said the company. 

The PA240 and PA720 are both Class G in amplification, implementing multiple supplies rather than just a single supply. The idea, said the company, is to run the amplifier with, “…less wasted heat energy.” 

Power Amplifiers From Arcam

The PA240 is a two-channel machine, enabling 2 x 380W Class G amplification or 1 x 790W Class G bridged mode. 

Power Amplifiers From Arcam

The PA720 stores seven channels of Class G, available as 7 x 140W. 

Power Amplifiers From Arcam

Both the PA240 and PA720 come equipped with balanced XLR inputs and all of the new power amps enable Ethernet and RS232 control.

Power Amplifiers From Arcam

Prices are:

  • PA410 –  £1,299
  • PA240  – £1,999
  • PA720  – £2,499

Learn more about Arcam, click www.arcam.co.uk

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