Play-Fi now in Quad Vena II Amplifier

8th November 2019

Quad adds hi-res Wi-Fi streaming and multi-room capabilities to the Vena II Play

Quad is launching a new version of the Vena II integrated amplifier, the Play.

It adds Wi-Fi connectivity via the Play-Fi platform to the Vena II’s specification.

Play-Fi now in Quad Vena II Amplifier

It becomes the first Quad product to embrace Wi-Fi streaming.

The Vena II Play looks almost identical to the ‘standard’ Vena II, which launched 12 months ago – a compact design just 313mm wide.

Play-Fi now in Quad Vena II Amplifier

Apart from the word ‘Play’ to denote Play-Fi integration, the only change to the front panel is a ‘NET’ button and an array of white LEDs around the rotary control to indicate volume level.

All the facilities of the already well-stocked Vena II are included – an integral hi-res DAC with USB, coaxial and optical digital inputs, aptX Bluetooth reception, a range of analogue inputs including a phono stage for turntables and dedicated headphone amp circuitry.

Play-Fi now in Quad Vena II Amplifier

The Vena II Play’s addition of internet/home network connectivity via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable is provided in return for a £150 premium over £649 Vena II, which remains current.

Aside from the addition of Play-Fi, the Vena II Play’s circuitry mirrors that of the Vena II. At its heart lies the ES9018K2M DAC chip from the Sabre32 Reference family.

Play-Fi now in Quad Vena II Amplifier

It includes a post-DAC active filter, using op-amps selected for their synergy with the ES9018K2M.

Like the Vena II, the Class AB power amp section includes a 200VA toroidal transformer followed by 2 x 15000uF reservoir capacity plus a power output. Price is  of 2 x 45W into 8 Ohms 

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