Firmware Updates: Pioneer XDP-30R & Onkyo DP-S1

29th December 2017

USB-OTG functionality has now been added to both devices which allows them to also function as a Digital Playback Source/Transport when used with suitable external Digital To Analogue converters, amplifiers/speakers with suitable internal DACs

While they’re about it, both have added functions via new firmware upgrades.

Pioneer XDP-30R & Onkyo DP-S1: Firmware Tweaks

For both the Pioneer XDP-30R (1.20/17Z18AEP) and the Onkyo DP-S1 (1.20/17Z18AEO), the new enhancements:

•Supports USB-OTG Digital output function (DSD 5.6MHz with DoP transfer, Maximum 192kHz/32bit)

•Supports playback in order of “Disc No.” Tag (edited via X-DAP Link for Windows)

•Minor bug fixes and improvements stability.

•DSD: 5.6 / 2.8 MHz (DoP transfer), FLAC, WAV: PCM 192 kHz / 32 bit USB – OTG digital output function.

•Not supported – outputting DSD 11.2MHz out with USB-OTG.

•Not supported – outputting FLAC, WAV 384 kHz / 352.8 kHz with USB-OTG.

•In the case of MQA files, there is a fixed output “PCM 44.1 kHz /48 kHz” when using USB-OTG.

•Note: an OTG cable is not included in this product.

Pioneer XDP-30R & Onkyo DP-S1: Firmware Tweaks

Update procedure: There are two types of update methods – via network and via microSD card. Users are advised to consult their instruction manuals for further details.

To download the new firmware and find out more about the XDP-30R DAP, please visit or