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Phædrus Audio PHLUX active phono cartridge moving-magnet motor system 

Buffered by a miniature impedance-converter, the company exclaims that this system, “…[offers] the performance of a moving-coil cartridge with the superior tracking and general convenience of the moving-magnet type.” A bold claim indeed

The miniature impedance-converter, which buffers the moving-magnet motor, is powered via the signal wires, in much the same way a capacitor microphone is supplied with phantom power. Hence, PHLUX-II may be fitted to any turntable and arm combination without modifications to the wiring.

The Phædrus Audio PHLUX-II active phono cartridge was developed for Pspatial Audio’s Stereo Lab needle-drop capture and equalisation software.


The PHLUX-II is particularly suitable for enthusiasts of historic recordings because. In addition to the standard hyper-elliptical stylus, a Shibata stylus and a stylus for 78 RPM records are available.

You can buy the PHLUX-II with or without an accompanying base-station directly from Phædrus Audio. The first commercial phono preamplifier to support the Phædrus PHLUX-II is the Groove Sleuth MINI, a non-equalising preamplifier. from Pspatial Audio.

Active Moving Magnet stage

It provides iLoop (a very low-noise loop-through) and it may thereby be used as a base-station for the PHLUX-II, with the iLoop signal moving to your existing phono preamplifier.

Whilst the Groove Sleuth Mini (£378) may be operated with the Pspatial Audio ‘resolve’ power-supply, it incorporates a rechargeable battery and a front panel switch which permits disconnection of the PSU.

PHLUX 2 side view_small_logo

Additional prices are: PHLUX-II Active phono cartridge (elliptical stylus), £249; PHLUX-II Active phono cartridge (Shibata), £462; PHLUX-II Active phono cartridge (conical diamond), £288.

To learn more and read the technical background to the system, contact [email protected] or www.phaedrus-audio.com

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  • Reply
    dave hattey
    18th June 2017 at 3:02 am

    I’ve always found m/m thin.and cold sounding. Have you? Does it do its claim ? Or anything new to A.T. style.

    • Reply
      Paul Rigby
      18th June 2017 at 11:33 am

      Er, quite the opposite actually Dave! 🙂 May depend on the cart/deck you heard, how it was set-up, etc. There are some excellent models out there. The Ortofon 2M Black is superb, for example.

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