PD-151: Turntable by Luxman…Arm by Jelco

30th July 2019

A belt-drive design that features an under-slung, suspended structure, with components mounted on the underneath of the top panel chassis, the PD-151 includes a newly developed, brushless DC motor

PD-151: Turntable by Luxman…Arm by Jelco

The main chassis is made from 10mm thick, machined aluminium top panel and includes polyether ether ketone (PEEK) thrust bearings and brass radial bearings.

PD-151: Turntable by Luxman…Arm by Jelco

The three-speed motor (78rpm is catered for) and power transformer are isolated with rubber damping mounts. 

You also get a rather nice Magnesium alloy headshell with the Luxman logo adorning it.

The S-shaped tonearm is made by Jelco and includes a one-point cross suspension. It features a removable OPPD-SH1, light magnesium alloy headshell which retails for around £120 on its own. In fact, this tonearm looks exactly like a 9” Jelco TS-350S which normally retails for around £600 in the UK but with that change of headshell.

PD-151: Turntable by Luxman…Arm by Jelco

The front panel includes a power switch, motor control, speed selector/indicator and speed adjustment.


The PD-151, weighing 15.7kg and spanning 465 x 164 x 322mm, includes a stainless steel center spindle, a PEEK thrust bearing and a brass radial bearing.

Arriving with a dust cover, it’s available from August 2019 and will be priced at £4,500.

To learn more about the PD-151, click www.luxman.co.jp

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