PBJ Interconnect Cabling is Back

16th April 2019

Kimber Kable is 40 years old this year. To mark the occasion, Russ Andrews is introducing a one-off, limited-edition version of Kimber’s PBJ analogue interconnect

The strictly limited-edition cable includes the features of the original. It is also now available with upgraded WBT 0114 RCA phono connectors in place of the standard Kimber UltraPlate connectors. The original tri-wire braid is retained in red, blue and black.

PBJ Interconnect Cabling is Back

PBJ (the name derives from Peanut Butter & Jelly) was adopted by company boss, Ray Kimber, who hoped that the cable would become a staple interconnect with audiophiles as the food itself became a staple many years ago.

PBJ Interconnect Cabling is Back

The tri-wire braid is made up of three VariStrand copper conductors, each is individually insulated with fluorocarbon dielectric and then braided together, with the red wire used for the signal, the blue for the ground and the black as an additional ‘drain’ wire.

PBJ is available direct from Russ Andrews for a limited period at a cost of £170 for a 1m pair.

To learn more, click www.russandrews.com

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