Patreon: YouTube Videos Are Here

20th July 2021

Well, they’re dribbling through. But really, YouTube videos on my Patreon page? Why?

If I’ve ever supported a creator and contributed on their Patreon page and I know they also have a YouTube channel, I’ve always (until now) been confused that they have also posted the self-same YouTube videos on their Patreon page.

“What’s the point? Why can’t your Patreon supporters just pop over to your YouTube channel and see them all there?”

Since then, my mind has changed. And it’s because I’ve been talking to you and other people I’ve met on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like.

Patreon: YouTube Videos Are Here

What I’m hearing is well, not everyone has a YouTube account. Not everyone wants one, either. Not everyone likes YouTube.

They don’t like the mechanics of the channel, how it works and what you have to do to watch the videos you want. They tell me that it can be a struggle, a faff. Some users also don’t like the atmosphere, the comments made there, the whole thing, basically!

Patreon: YouTube Videos Are Here

Apparently, what Patreon-based YouTube videos provide is a more direct access for Patreon supporters. Instead of having to wade through and filter out other channels.

A possibly less busy place to view the videos, some say it’s a less aggressive environment too. Friendlier. Some people have told me that putting YouTube videos on a Patreon page feels more like a personal service too.

I’m not sure if you agree with all of the above or even any of it but I’d like your thoughts please.

Patreon: YouTube Videos Are Here

For now, I’ve posted the first 10 videos here – all golden oldies. If you’re happy to see more then I’ll continue to post them from the older videos and finishing with the latest entrants.

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