18th February 2022

A couple of exclusive updates for those who may be supporting me on Patreon – and a big thank you if you are doing just that

Firstly, For those on the £8 (or equivalent) tier, you can check out your new Music Memorabilia exclusive feature packing in a range of recently sold or auctioned music rarities via a host of legendary stars from Sinatra to The Beatles, Elvis to Ultravox and Joy Division to Oasis and more!

And I ain’t done yet! There’s an early-bird release of my next YouTube video. This is something that occurs every Friday. I don’t always shout about it here but rest assured, you’ll find Early Bird videos on my Patreon every Friday.

This one offers a full review of the new Soundeck platter damping product, a full description of the new accompanying platter damping service plus my own ‘strike’ testing of the platters from a range of turntables including the Audio-Technica 120x and 140 plus Lenco L-3808 and Pro-Ject Debut EVO.

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