Patreon Update – Aretha is in the House

30th November 2022

Haven’t talked about Patreon for a while, so let me update you with…goings on

Just a quick Patreon update for you. Firstly, I’ve just posted an exclusive piece on Aretha Franklin and the album The Electrifying Aretha Franklin. This feature also arrives with an interview with the release label, Music on Vinyl that illustrates the creation of this reissue and talks about how it was presented, with a selection of attendant rarities. 

Patreon Update - Aretha is in the House

Next, Patreon itself has been remodelled into a Hub for all of my work. So, if you want to see everything that I do – the lot – and you don’t want to miss out then Patreon is now the place to find it. That includes exclusives to Patreon, of course, including my ongoing HiFi equipment tour such as the recently published video on my pre-amplifier, the Aesthetix Calypso.

Check it out, you may find something of interest amongst the 336 posts!

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