4th May 2022

Our first Preview episode is a special-edition video because it features a rare prototype of a (hopefully) forthcoming review

The first Patreon Preview is now out and about and ready for viewing. In case you missed the earlier news item, Patreon Previews features early looks at upcoming review hardware but also other bits of information and insights that I’ll probably throw, in and around the same video.

This debut video includes a special viewing of an early prototype from…well, best not say but it’s from a company you should all know and a company whose products have appeared here before. Many of you will have bought them, in fact. I hope this one actually comes to market – not too sure if that will happen but finger’s crossed.

So there’s a few clues.

I also offer a very brief series of early thoughts on the product.

Finally, I also muse upon a few, slightly disturbing thoughts related to possible future shortages as a bit of a bonus. Be great to have your thoughts on that, if you can view the video.

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