P3.0 floorstanding loudspeaker Wilson Benesch 

21st November 2018

The new P3.0 speakers have been announced and are expected to hit the market in the first quarter of 2019

For the P3.0, the Leonardo silk-dome tweeter resides at the centre of an additive manufactured carbon fibre composite Fibonacci Element. Due to its complex hybrid construction, “…reflective and absorptive surfaces match the output of the tweeter dome enabling a response that is significantly superior to the plain surface form of a conventional tweeter design,” said the company 

P3.0 floorstanding loudspeaker Wilson Benesch 

The Tactic II Drive unit was collaboratively developed in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University. It was modeled and analysed using FEA simulation. This third generation uses an Isotactic Polypropylene cone, collaboratively developed with Professor Ward FRS of Leeds University. 

P3.0 floorstanding loudspeaker Wilson Benesch 

Hybridised multi-material construction continues to be used in the cabinet. In the Precision Series, it is deployed via two U-section aluminium elements that create an enclosure geometry that elevates the first resonant frequency, “…several orders of magnitude higher than a flat panel design,” said the company.  In turn, these U-section elements are used as anchor points, enabling high compressive forces to be applied to the members sandwiched between.

P3.0 floorstanding loudspeaker Wilson Benesch 


Finishes include: Precision Black + Burgundy Premium Finish; Precision Black + Graphite Premium Finish; Precision White Standard Finish or Precision Black.

P3.0 floorstanding loudspeaker Wilson Benesch 


P1.0, standmount loudspeaker plus stand, £5,995

P2.0, floorstanding loudspeaker, £9,495

P3.0, floorstanding loudspeaker, £14,995

Premium Finish Upcharge

P1.0 – £495

P2.0 – £950

Spanning 31.8cm x 26.8cm x 36.8cm, they weigh in at 65kg.

To learn more, click wilson-benesch.com

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