Ottava SC-C30 wireless speaker From Technics  

10th May 2019

Technics has announced the Ottava SC-C30 wireless speaker system, a more compact version of the Ottava SC-C50, the new model includes an aluminium top panel. The arc form has been included to, “…help eliminate unwanted vibrations in the chassis…” said the company

The chassis includes two 6.5cm mid/bass units two 1.6cm tweeters and one 12cm subwoofer.

Ottava SC-C30 wireless speaker From Technics

The unit features Technics’ JENO Engines (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimisation), “These are vital for ensuring each audio channel is perfectly aligned in terms of signal timing,” said the company.

Also on board is LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration), which, “…matches the sound to the characteristics of the internal loudspeakers.”

Ottava SC-C30 wireless speaker From Technics  

Space Tuneroom calibration software is included to produce a sound image that is, “…perfectly balanced regardless of the shape and layout of the listening environment.” Space Tune features a number of pre-sets that can be chosen using the Technics Audio Center App.

Chromecast is built in plus stereo pairing, Google Voice Assistant control and multi-room playback. Out in August, price is £TBA

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