Olympica Nova Speakers From Sonus faber

6th September 2019

The new Olympica Nova speakers include a DAD  (Damped Apex Dome) on a 28mm silk dome, Homage Tradition-derived mid unit and sandwich-construction bass units

The walls of the new Olympica Nova collection are made with eight layers of bended wood, inside the cabinet are structural ribs used as reinforcement, while the original Olympica’s leather wrapped top panel gives way to a walnut or wenge wood panel set in a solid die-cast aluminium plate.

Olympica Nova Speakers From Sonus faber

The outer part of the Stealth Ultraflex porting system, is fabricated from a solid piece of extruded aluminium inherited from Sonus Faber’s Homage Tradition models. The supports (bottom plates and stands) are crafted from solid aluminium billets and paired with steel spikes.

Olympica Nova Speakers From Sonus faber

The tweeter features the DAD technology (Damped Apex Dome) on a 28mm silk dome diaphragm and a magnetic motor system that integrates a Neodymium cap design. The arch and the ring of the DAD system have been redesigned and obtained from a solid piece of aluminium. 

Olympica Nova Speakers From Sonus faber

The midrange and mid-woofer units are derived from those used in the Homage Tradition collection with air-dried, non-pressed blend of cellulose pulp and other natural fibres. The rough surface of varying density that you can see on the image below, “…reduces resonance, guaranteeing a natural sound with increased transparency and detail,” said the company.

The woofer features a sandwich construction with two sheets of cellulose pulp encasing a syntactic foam.

The cross-over network implements Paracross Topology, making it less sensitive to radio-frequency interference, “improving transient response” and lowering noise floor. 


  • I: £5,950 per pair (optional stands £995)
  • II: £8,950 per pair
  • III: £11,950 per pair
  • V: £14,900 per pair
  • Center I: £4,500
  • Center II: £6,500
  • Wall: £3,500

To read more, click www.sonusfaber.com or call 020 8971 3909.

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