noble audio prestige in-ear monitors offers groovy colour schemes

3rd June 2016

Noble Audio has added a trio of new groovy colour/material options to its flagship Prestige range of bespoke in-ear monitors. Actually, the company says that it has added three “solid materials”.

The range-topping Prestige models are hand-crafted entirely from “solid mediums” (Sorry, I just have to put those words in quote marks, real people don’t say things like that, unless it’s one of those wacky new size options you sometimes see at Primark.)

Fans of the Noble range of in-ear models will already have been spoiled by the likes of exotic woods, carbon glass, honeycomb and aluminium webbing, and now Noble Audio has added three new options: Pablo, Pinecone and Space Zebra.

Pablo is a fresh new colourful material that, says the company, is “Cubist in appearance and reminiscent of select works by one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.” Although, after staring at it for too long, I called everybody ‘man’ and found kaftans strangely appealing for a full week afterwards.


Pinecone is not a new ice cream flavour but tiny pinecones (that’s what it says here) cast in numerous colours for a spider-like appearance. While Space Zebra (I’ll bet that night of Noble Audio ‘name brainstorming’ turned into a helluva party because that particular choice is a definite ‘fourth whisky and keep it coming’ type of label) comprises thousands of layers of knitted material, cut and combined at angles.

The Prestige option applies to two custom-fit models from the Noble Audio range: the flagship 10-driver Kaiser 10 and the new Savant and begins with digitising acrylic moulds of the inner ear using 3D-scanning processes addressing over 2.5 million points of data, collected and manipulated per ear. Once digitised, the pieces are shaped in a three-hour CNC process, hollowed-out to accommodate the driver assembly and internals, before being finished with a hypoallergenic lacquer and buffed.

Prices? For the Kaiser 10 Prestige: Pinecone £1,870; Space Zebra £1,940 and Pablo £2,010.

Prices for the Savant Prestige are: Pinecone £1,185; Space Zebra £1,255 and Pablo £1,325

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