TRI Starlight Electrostatic Hybrid IEMs 

20th May 2020

TRI’s flagship hybrid in-ear monitors, the Starlight, features a hybrid driver setup: one Carbon Nanotube dynamic driver, two Sonion balanced armatures and four Sonion electrostatic drivers on each side

Reportedly, the electrostatic driver uses an, “…ultra-light membrane and…[features] ultra-low distortion.” 

The Chinese-based outfit includes a silver-plated cable with MMCX connectors and a 3.5mm termination.

TRI Starlight Electrostatic Hybrid IEMs 

The ‘shells’ are made up of “skin-friendly” (I would jolly well hope so too) resin material, sourced from Germany with a transparent inner cavity and “designer faceplate”. 

TRI Starlight Electrostatic Hybrid IEMs 

These 14 Ohm designs have a 102db sensitivity.

Price is $799.

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