New From Yamaha: expanding its line-up of stereo receivers and more

12th August 2016

Yamaha is expanding its line-up of stereo receivers with the R-N402D. It supports wireless music streaming from a home network, via Apple Airplay or by Bluetooth. Streaming services such as Spotify or JUKE are also available. In addition, there’s a DAB/DAB+ tuner for digital radio reception. And with MusicCast, the network receiver can be integrated into the Yamaha multi-room system. The R-N402D is compatible with all common high-resolution audio formats. It plays back Apple Lossless (24bit/92kHz) as well as WAV, FLAC, AIFF (24bit/192kHz) and DSD (2.8MHz/5.6 MHz) plus support for wireless playback via WiFi on home networks, for example from a PC/Mac or NAS.

The network receiver can be controlled using the free Yamaha MusicCast app for smartphones and tablets (Apple iOS/Google Android). As an alternative to the app, the R-N402D is also supplied with an infrared remote control. Price is £399.95.



The MCR-N470D is a new CD receiver and compact speaker ensemble that plays music from a variety of high-resolution digital audio sources including streaming services, home networks and Internet radio. A CD player and USB port are also included. What’s more, thanks to MusicCast, the micro system can be incorporated in the Yamaha multi-room system. Music can be sent wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet or notebook via Bluetooth or Apple AirPlay.

The WiFi and DLNA-certified micro system is integrated into the home network via WiFi, allowing music to be streamed from a PC/Mac and NAS. Supported formats include  FLAC and ALAC while three popular music streaming services, Spotify, JUKE and Napster are also integrated. The unit can be controlled using the free Yamaha MusicCast app. Price is £449.95.

Finally, the WX-010 network speaker is a closed two-way system with two additional passive radiators. It was developed for stand-alone use but two WX-010 speakers can be connected wirelessly to form a stereo pair. The model is available in both black and white. Thanks to the integrated wall mounting fixtures, the WX-010 can be installed almost anywhere. Price is £159.95.

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