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Nasudake M8 earphones: Magnetic and Wireless

If you’re looking for a paid of wireless earphones for use in sports activities, this new design might be of interest

In terms of the technologies within and around it, there’s only sparse information to hand apart from the fact that it utilises a CSR 4.1 chip (presumably Qualcomm) to enable Bluetooth.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the earphones have a wireless range of  up to 10 metres.

The battery can play continuous music up to seven hours. You’ll also find a ‘low battery’ alert function within.

According to the manufacturer, the earphones also have, “…1 for 2 multi-point functions allowing connection to two different audio devices at the same time.”

This device is made by a Honk Kong-based outfit, so your best connection is Amazon. Price is £46 but Amazon offers them for £30.

to see more, click www.amazon.co.uk

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