Naim firmware updates for nDAC and DAC-V1

29th January 2016

Naim has released firmware updates to both the Naim DAC (colloquially known as the nDAC) and the DAC-V1.

The firmware updates add single and double rate DSD to both DACs. This has required some significant additional programming and optimisation of the core DSP code.

The Naim DAC accepts DSD input over S/PDIF or on a USB stick (dsf or dff files) plugged into its front or rear USB inputs. The DAC-V1’s USB input is asynchronous allowing the connection of a PC or Mac directly or using S/PDIF. Sample Rate Conversion (SRC) has also been added to the DAC-V1. This allows the user to configure a digital input to adjust on-the-fly to input clock signals that are out of range. This improves overall robustness with S/PDIF sources that do not have an accurate clock.

Mac users need no extra drivers but Windows, including Win 10, users will need the new version 2.00.0 driver downloadable from the Naim website.

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