Nagaoka Anti-Static Inner CD Sleeves (Pack of 20)

3rd November 2014

If you look around the hi-fi support market, you will find a wealth of products devoted to the care and attention of vinyl from cleaning materials and liquids to fancy inner sleeves and outer sleeves that protect the covers.

If you care to search for a similar array of products devoted to the lowly CD, you will have a harder time.

As we have seen all too often, the CD, once thought to be indestructible, is damaged all too easily. In fact, you could argue that the CD can be disabled easier than vinyl. At least you have to put a bit of elbow grease when scratching a vinyl record. A light swish across a CD can disable it for good while merely depositing a fingerprint on the silvered side can interrupt play.

The soiling or damage bestowed upon the CD surface is not helped by a typically unforgiving jewel case while a card sleeve can be just as abrasive to a CD as paper sleeves can be to vinyl. Nagaoka has produced a simple solution that acts kindly to the CD surface while enabling you to provide long-term protection.

Taking the classic bucket shape, vinyl inner sleeve design, these thin yet very soft CD inner sleeves will not scratch the CD surface and will also provide essential protection. Just as importantly, the inner sleeve offers anti-static properties. The inner is of no use to those determined to stick with jewel cases for storage but will be ideal for those utilising mini-vinyl sleeves or a bespoke storage system. For digital fans looking to retain their CDs over a long period, such a system should be seriously considered. The Nagoaka inners will provide an essential part of any such project.

Nagaoka Anti-Static Inner CD Slevves (Pack Of 20) 

Price: £8.99

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