NAD C558 Turntable: On The Hunt For Leaky Energy

16th October 2017

“We don’t want the energy to ‘leak’ into vibrating the tonearm or the platter; we want it all to become pure musical energy bursting forth from your speakers,” said the company, rather confidently. So, how has it purported to do this?

Reportedenly, the power supply transforms AC alternating voltage of your wall socket into a pure DC voltage that, “…powers a precision clock motor to achieve nearly perfect speed consistency and smoothness,” it said.

The motor also uses a specially developed rubber belt that is flat ground “for precision” and drives a non-resonant sub platter that is machined for “smooth rotation”. This sits in a brass bearing with a hardened steel shaft.

The 9” tonearm allows VTF and Azimuth adjustment while the platter is glass and the plinth is constructed from MDF. An Ortofon OM10 is supplied.

Weighing in at 5kg, the turntable will be available in November 2017 for £449.

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