MusicLife app for Arcam components

29th January 2016

The latest version of the MusicLife app adds iOS control for all modern Arcam components, including the forthcoming Solo Music/Movie and AVR550/850 Atmos AV Receivers.

In addition to standard UPnP functions, the app plays media from servers to any Bluetooth device, enabling streaming to almost anything paired with an Arcam miniBlink or rBlink Bluetooth DAC.

You can control the Media Player in Arcam network-based music systems, including features such as playback of content stored on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, library searching, sorting and shuffle and repeat playback.

You can use it with Arcam components that feature a network music player such as the CDS27 SACD/CD player, UDP411 Blu-ray player, SR250, AV950, AVR850, AVR750, AVR550, AVR450 Receivers, AVR380, AVR400, AVR360, AV888, AVR600, AVR500 Receivers, Solo Neo one-box music system, Solo Movie Gen3 2016, Solo Music Gen3 2016, airDAC integrated DAC.

Download from the iTunes Store.

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