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Music Library Free Update From Melco

The Melco Intelligent Music Library will soon be available as a free firmware update for existing Melco users, in addition to being pre-installed on all new machines leaving the factory

The Melco Intelligent Music Library allows music search and selection for playback on any network music player or connected USB DAC.

Melco’s Intelligent Music Library combines a Metadata Engine (SongKong for Melco) and UPnP Server (MinimServer with Intelligent Browsing) for the first time (You can hear the man he invented SongKong, JThink’s Paul Taylor talking about his software HERE.)

The pair are effectively combined as one unit. As the company explained, “…the conventional separation of metadata structure and UPnP server is the root cause of most problems that users experience trying to find music on their servers.”

The company will also be introducing the tool plus its new black-finish compact-chassis digital music libraries at the North West Audio Show 2019.

As a reminder, prices are: N10 £6,750; N100 £1,800; D100 £899; E100 £899 all available now. Melco Intelligent Music Library is free for Melco users (“Coming soon,” said the company).

To learn more, call 07899 896848 or click melco-audio-masters.com

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