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Muraudio SP1: Curvy Electrostatics 

Based on the Domain Omni series loudspeakers and featuring patented high output continuous curve electrostatic technology, each Muraudio SP1 integrates four custom designed 152mm aluminum cone drivers 

Muraudio SP1: Curvy Electrostatics 

The SP1 incorporates Muraudio’s Mylar Diaphragm Technology: a mylar membrane of 3.8 microns thick (0.0038 mm).

Muraudio SP1: Curvy Electrostatics 

The long throw 152mm low frequency drivers arrive in pairs. Each pair is in an independently sealed cabinet combined with tuned inertial reactionary dampers. Over 6 kg of magnet structure is included. 

Muraudio SP1: Curvy Electrostatics 

Air core inductors and Mundorf EVO oil capacitors are featured while high voltage transformer uses a precision wide bandwidth interleaved balanced design with ultra low leakage inductance.

Muraudio SP1: Curvy Electrostatics 

A multi-layer curved wood cabinet is featured while the vertical balance is maintained by the use of symmetric drivers in a D’Appolito configuration.

Muraudio SP1: Curvy Electrostatics 

Price is $14,700 USD per pair with semi gloss finish.  High gloss piano finish and solid colours add $650.

Muraudio SP1: Curvy Electrostatics 

To learn more, click www.muraudio.com or call 001 613 454 1790

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