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Motion Speakers From Martin Logan 

Featuring the 15i and 35TXi bookshelf speakers, 30i and 50TXi centre channel designs and 20i, 40i and 60TXi floorstanders. All finished in matt white, red Walnut or gloss black. The cabinets feature reinforced baffles

Motion Speakers From Martin Logan

Each speaker includes a Folded Motion tweeter, a technology that provides, “…the accuracy and delicacy of an electrostatic panel from a compact driver,” said the company.

Motion Speakers From Martin Logan


They offer a lightweight, thin-film transducer design, which is crimped into an accordion-like structure to increase the surface area.

Motion Speakers From Martin Logan

Aluminium cone drive are included too alongside hand-built, proprietary Vojtkotm crossover networks.

Motion Speakers From Martin Logan

The bookshelf speakers are two-way designs and the three floorstanding models and both centre channel speakers are three-way designs.

The Motion Series will be available from October 2019.


  • 15i – £795
  • 35TXi – £1,195
  • 30i – £695
  • 50TXi – £945
  • 20i – £1,595
  • 40i – £1,995
  • 60TXi – £2,995

To learn more, click www.martin-logan.co.uk

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