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Momentum SX3i and SX5i – Price Drops

Neat Acoustics have announced price reductions on their Momentum SX3i and SX5i speakers

Momentum SX3i and SX5i - Price Drops

SX5i (above) and SX3i (top)

And the new Momentum prices are? The stand mount SX3i is priced at £1,995 (down from £2,795) and the floorstanding is now £3,200 (down from £4,250).

Momentum SX3i and SX5i - Price Drops

The Momentum range is nearing the end of its run and these new, lower prices will be held until all current stock is exhausted.

Momentum SX3i and SX5i - Price Drops

Neat founder, cuddly Bob Surgeoner says “We believe that the two models now offer unbeatable performance at their respective prices and provide a great opportunity for music lovers to upgrade their loudspeakers at much lower cost than before.”

Reductions will also be applied in all overseas markets and Neat recommend that customers contact their local dealer or distributor for details.

To find out more, click neatacoustics.com

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