Mohawk Midgetape 44 (Vintage Shorts No.2)

25th August 2021

Second in my Vintage Shorts series of oddities and we’re off to the USA to look at this miniature tape recorder

This is an American-made Mohawk Midgetape 44 (model BR-1).

The first in a series of tape recorders from the company which would expand to the Midgetape 300, 400 and 500.

copyright Eric Wrobbel

It’s dated 1957 and uses a metal tape cartridge although I hear the the model was actually released in 1955 at a few cents under $250.

Mohawk Midgetape 44 (Vintage Shorts No.2)

The electronics inside include three subminiature valves. Specifically a pair of XFW40s and a single XFY54.

Mohawk Midgetape 44 (Vintage Shorts No.2)

A rewind handle is attached. There is not fast forward option for this model, though.

Connectors were added for both microphone and headphones that sat alongside a built-in speaker.

Many thanks to Eric Wrobbel for his kind permission to use the above image. Check out Eric’s website for more on this vintage tech, for information on his own publications, other subjects on his site and his YouTube channel.

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