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MIXXTAPE by Mixxim: Cassettes on the move but with a twist

A fully functional music player that looks, feels and plays as a cassette

Mixxim has developed a new music player based upon the cassette tape design.


Using a carbon fibre finish, the MIXXTAPE arrives with a built-in LCD display plus touch controls, Bluetooth + EDR, a headphone socket, 3.5 Aux port and a SD card handling 64GB of storage (an 8GB card is included with your shipment). A USB 2 port allows a connection to a PPC or Mac to transfer music.


Offering a rechargeable 330mah battery providing up to 12 hours of playback off an hour’s charge, the MIXXTAPE supports MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC and FLAC. The MIXXTAPE also plays as a cassette. That is, it will play in most standard cassette players.


Other features include a shuffle play option while the next version promises a remote control. Retail price is $80 but you can get a 50% discount from the Kickstarter page.

This is a look inside the first functional prototype. Since then, the chipset and display have been upgraded. Also, Bluetooth has been added.

To learn more, click www.kickstarter.com

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