Minfort’s MIN7: The multi-function, handmade wooden speaker

29th April 2017

“Carpentry is our expertise and we love working with timber. But we are also aware that forestry practices can damage the environment. So we insist on using wood such as Teak, Oak, and Walnut from large furniture. Through special wood splicing technology, we join these wood panels together to create an environmentally friendly product,” said the company

Every Minfort MIN7 is made of joined solid wood panels of 15mm thickness.


MIN7 embeds two amplifier board chips to power 150W 2.1 stereo system. A specially designed 25mm silk dome tweeter, 102mm paper cone woofer and 133mm subwoofer have been created for the product. All are made from paper and wool fibres but the polypropylene cone subwoofer is injection-molded with rubber.

The tweeters utilise a “unique” micro-horn design while pointed spikes on the bottom improve isolation. The cone paper forming technique is, “…between pressed cone and semi-pressed cone.”


The unit provides a three sound chamber design to further that isolation process while a differential amplifier circuit is featured utilising TDA7492 and TDA7498 chips.


You can stream music to the MIN7 through WiFi (AirPlay), Bluetooth, USB, optical, coaxial and analog audio cable. You can also use MIN7 as WiFi or Bluetooth audio receiver and connect to existing audio devices or an active subwoofer to enhance the bass performance. A headphone socket is also included. Supported resolution is up to 24bit/192kHz. Spanning 436 x 152 x 290mm, the MIN7 weighs in at 11kg. Price is $899 plus shipping (that would be $45 to the UK, for example)

To learn more, click www.minfort.com