MB Upgrade From Scansonic HD

28th January 2019

Scansonic HD’s MB series of loudspeakers have been renamed MB-B (‘MB’ is for Michael Børresen, the original creator and ‘B’ is for Benno, now the chief designer). The new MB-B editions have been upgraded

The top-end features an ultra-light ribbon planar tweeter, in which the membrane is formed by a Kapton-aluminum sandwich of 20 microns thick.

MB Upgrade From Scansonic HD

The midrange drivers and woofer have now been fitted with a new low loss spider. The crossovers have been completely redesigned. All drive units are time-aligned at listening distance.

MB Upgrade From Scansonic HD

The previous acoustically vented cabinets have now been replaced with a ported cabinet.

MB Upgrade From Scansonic HD

The cabinets’ internal construction has also been changed in order to optimise airflow. All models are available in either a black or white ‘silk’ finish.

MB Upgrade From Scansonic HD

The Scansonic HD MB-B series is available now priced as:

MB-1 B standmount mini-monitor

(MB-1 single /twin pillar stand

£1,899 excluding stand


MB-2.5 B 2.5-way slim floorstander£2,899
MB-3.5 B 2.5-way slim floorstander£4,249
MB-5 B 3-way slim floorstander£6,249
MB-6 B 3-way slim floorstander£8,999

MB Upgrade From Scansonic HD

To learn more click scansonichd.dk or call 056 0205 4669

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