MartinLogan’s new hybrid electrostatic speakers: there’s four to choose from

24th August 2016


The Kansas-based speaker outfit has added four new models to its hybrid range, combining the company’s XStat electrostatic panels with dual bass drivers and, in the case of three models, room-correction technology.

MartinLogan has announced the introduction of the ElectroMotion ESL X featuring a larger electrostatic transducer and dual woofers, with increased power-handling capabilities.


As the flagship model of the ElectroMotion Series, the X features a XStat electrostatic transducer, with a radiating area over 127 square cm larger than the EM-ESL model.


Twin 203mm high-excursion woofers are housed in an asymmetrical bass reflex (ported) chamber, in a compact enclosure. Woofers have custom engineered high-rigidity paper cones, with extended-throw driver assemblies. Component elements include custom-wound transformers, air-core coils, large steel laminate inductors, polyester and low DF electrolytic capacitors. Custom five-way bi-wire binding posts are included.


The ElectroMotion XStat MicroPerf electrostatic panel is housed in an aluminium and composite AirFrame. AirFrame technology keeps the electrostatic panel rigid without obstructing playable surface area. Proprietary Vojtko filtering technology blends audio output from the high- and mid-frequency electrostatic panel with the low-frequency woofer section.


The new Expression ESL 13A and Impression ESL 11A feature Curvilinear Line Source (CLS) XStat vacuum-bonded electrostatic transducers with Microperf stator technology and redesigned AirFrame Blade construction plus dual low-distortion aluminium cone woofers powered by dual Class-D amplifiers and controlled by a 24bit Vojtko DSP Engine with ARC (Anthem Room Correction). The Expression ESL 13A features dual 254mm woofers extending down to 24Hz. Impression ESL 11A features dual 203mm woofers extending down to 29Hz.


The Expression ESL 13A features a dipolar 33 x 112cm electrostatic transducer, resulting in a radiating area of 15 square metres per side. Impression ESL 11A features a dipolar 28 x 112cm electrostatic transducer with a radiating area of 12 square metres per side.


Next, the Renaissance ESL 15A features 381mm wide Curvilinear Line Source (CLS) XStat vacuum-bonded electrostatic transducers, with MicroPerf stator technology and redesigned ultra-rigid AirFrame construction plus laser-engineered aluminium cone woofers in a compact enclosure, powered by new dual 500W Class-D amplifiers and controlled by a 24bit Vojtko DSP Engine and ARC, the speaker is available in eleven finishes.


The EM-ESL X is available now at £4,498 per pair in a satin black finish. A premium high-gloss black finish is also available at £5,298 per pair.

The Expression ESL 13A and Impression ESL 11A are priced from £14,998 and £9,998 per pair respectively. Both models are available in a choice of eleven finishes (four standard and seven premium).

The MartinLogan Renaissance ESL 15A is available now in a choice of eleven finishes (four standard and seven premium) priced from £24,998 per pair.

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