Majik LP12 & DSM: Linn Christmas Promotion

7th December 2018

Available now until 29 January 2019, Linn has posted a new offer for the Majik LP12 and Majik DSM that can now be bought as a package


The Majik LP12 uses a brand new Linn tonearm.

Majik LP12 & DSM: Linn Christmas Promotion

New tonearm NOT shown

Shipping exclusively with this promotion through December and January, the new Majik tonearm will be available to purchase as an upgrade from Spring 2019.



Utilising Linn’s Space Optimisation technology and featuring a built-in phono stage, Majik LP12 can be connected directly, alongside the rest of your sources.

Majik LP12 & DSM: Linn Christmas Promotion

The package price for this offer is £5,000 with the individual price for Majik LP12 being £2,930 and Majik DSM £2,495.

The Linn Seasonal Promotion is available through Linn Specialists in selected countries.

To find out more or book a listening session, visit the Linn Seasonal Promotion page at

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