Magnepan 0.7 speaker, a scaled down version of the 1.7 speaker

10th January 2016

Magnepan has introduced the new 0.7 (‘point seven’) speaker, a scaled down version of the 1.7 speaker, designed with the smaller listening room in mind.

The Magneplanar concept is similar to an electrostatic speaker in that both produce sound by moving a thin film membrane. But in the Magneplanar design, the force is magnetic rather than electrostatic, generated by an array of closely spaced permanent magnets.

Like the 1.7, the new scaled-down 0.7 is a full range quasi-ribbon design, American-made with virtually all American-made parts. The key differences lies in its slightly smaller dimensions and the fact that it is a two-way rather a three-way design.

Because the 0.7 has a smaller bass diaphragm, it has less ‘bite on the air’ so the bass will be less than that of the 1.7 if it is used it in a larger room. However, the optional add-on Magneplanar Bass Panel offers the flexibility to add bass diaphragm area to fit the needs of any room.

Price for the Magneplanar 0.7 is £1,690. Price for the Magneplanar DWM Bass Panel (optional, for larger rooms) is £990 while the optional plinth/stand is available on request.

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