Audio Analogue Maestro Anniversary integrated amplifier: zero feedback, not even one

9th December 2016

The basic design of the Maestro Anniversary is similar to that of the Puccini but the amplification chain is fully balanced from input to the output stage, only becoming unbalanced to connect to the speakers. Second, while the Puccini does use feedback in the preamp stage, in the Maestro all stages are without global feedback


With its power supply, preamplifier and power amp housed on three separate boards, the Maestro Anniversary extends the dual-mono design further to include the power supply: left and right channels not only have their own separate grounds but also their own dedicated 600W mains transformers. The separate output stages use four pairs of power transistors per channel, enabling the amp to deliver 150W into 8 Ohms.

Aldo included are “military-standard” resistors, custom-made polypropylene capacitors, 7N OCC copper internal wiring and copper output connectors.

The preamplifier is also fully dual-mono. Immediately behind the input connectors, switching relays route the signal to a discrete components buffer to isolate the amplifier from the source. The volume control uses a resistor ladder. Following the volume control stage, the preamp amplifies up to about 12dB.


Spanning  168 x 450 x 550mm, it weighs in at 31kg. Available in black or silver, the price is £6,499.


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