M6 PRE and M6 PRX From Musical Fidelity 

23rd November 2018

Two classic Musical Fidelity products make their return: the M6 PRE and PRX models

The PRE is a fully balanced pre-amplifier, from beginning to end. Many pre-amps claim to be balanced but in fact are single ended preamps with balanced inputs and balanced outputs.

M6 PRE and M6 PRX From Musical Fidelity 

Utilising Class A circuitry with Surface Mount Devices (SMD). The PRE also features a wide range of inputs. With two balanced XLR inputs and four unbalanced RCA inputs, the pre-amplifier also features a built-in asynchronous USB DAC capable of 24bit/96kHz audio playback and a switchable MM/MC phono stage. There is also a switchable RCA input for Home Theatre bypass. 

M6 PRE and M6 PRX From Musical Fidelity 

For connecting on to a power amplifier, the PRE offers both RCA and XLR outputs, as well as a fixed Tape loop. A remote is included.

M6 PRE and M6 PRX From Musical Fidelity 

The PRX is a 230W fully-balanced dual-mono power amp. It employs Musical Fidelity’s dual-mono, fully complementary, bifilar choke regulation system. Choke regulation is a concept taken from classic tube amplifier designs but is rarely employed with transistor amplifiers, “The implementation has huge power supply benefits, including a dramatic reduction in saw tooth power supply noise and an effective mains noise filtration system. The dual mono, bifilar choke regulation system is unique to Musical Fidelity, and has been in use since 1987,” said the company 

M6 PRE and M6 PRX From Musical Fidelity 

The PRX’s audio circuitry is based on the Titan power amplifier design. It has eight output transistors per channel. 


M6 PRE is £1,899 M6 PRX is £2,599 

M6 PRE/PRX Bundle is £4,000 (save £498) 

The M6 PRE and M6 PRX will be available across the UK from December 2018. 

Available in Black or Silver finish. 

To learn more, click henleyaudio.co.uk 

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