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M2si and M2sCD From Musical Fidelity’s M2 Range

M2si and M2sCD  are the first new M2 range products from Musical Fidelity, since the brand changed ownership

The M2 range features a new integrated amplifier and a CD player.

M2si and M2sCD From Musical Fidelity's M2 Range

The M2si integrated amplifier includes trickle-down technology from the Titan flagship model and includes solid metal controls. 

M2si and M2sCD From Musical Fidelity's M2 Range

Delivering 76W per-channel into 8 Ohms, the M2si features a Class A pre-amp stage with its own independent power supply, coupled with a pair of discrete power amps. 

M2si and M2sCD From Musical Fidelity's M2 Range

For Home Cinema installations, the AUX1 input can also be manually switched to a Home Theatre (HT) through-put. 

M2si and M2sCD From Musical Fidelity's M2 Range

The M2sCD features both a mains choke filter and…

…a digital stream noise filter, to tackle distortion noise and jitter. The internal DAC uses 24bit Delta-Sigma conversion with 8x oversampling.

Finished in silver or black prices are £799 each from November 2018. 

For more information, call 01235 511 166 or click www.henleyaudio.co.uk 

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