Lyr 3 From Schiit : Modular Hybrid Headamp/Preamp 

21st March 2018

Schiit Audio EU has announced the introduction of its third-generation headphone amp/preamp, the Lyr 3

The Schiit Lyr 3 uses Coherence hybrid single-tube/solid state architecture with a new Continuity constant-transconductance output stage, as seen in the Jotunheim. The idea is to bring Class AB amplification, “…closer to Class A performance,” said the company.

The Lyr 3 can be configured with a Multibit DAC, a AK4490 DAC, a phono preamp module or with no module at all, so it can be tailored to your specific needs.

Lyr 3 From Schiit : Modular Hybrid Headamp/Preamp 

In addition, the Lyr 3 can be converted from a hybrid design to an all-solid-state amp by using Schiit’s Octal LISST (a solid-state tube product.)

The new unit delivers its 6W RMS of power at 32 Ohms via the single-ended headphone jack, so there’s, “…no need for balanced connections for high power,” said the company.

Lyr 3 From Schiit : Modular Hybrid Headamp/Preamp 

The Lyr 3, the Multibit DAC, the 4490 DAC and the phono preamp module are all available shortly together with tube and solid state gain options.

Lyr 3 is available now at, starting at £530 with a Tung-Sol Tube

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