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LX Turntable From La Boite Concept

An all-in-one ‘music centre’ design situated on its own stand, it includes a turntable, an amplifier, speakers, Bluetooth and DAC

The LX Turntable actually uses a recognisable, audiophile turntable integrated within the structure. In this case, a turntable designed by Elipson (based on the Chroma) with a carbon fibre-coated arm and Ortofon OM10 cartridge plus, “An integrated anti-vibration board with tailor-made shock absorbers provides an optimal stability,” said the company. 

LX Turntable From La Boite Concept

Inputs include Aux, RCA, Bluetooth 4.2 Apt-X plus a Wolfson DAC chip powering an optical port.

LX Turntable From La Boite Concept

Available in either oak or walnut (sourced from the Spanish and French Basque Country), the LX Turntable offers Class D power split over five channels meaning: 1 x 90 watts + 2 x 25 watts + 2 x 20W.

LX Turntable From La Boite Concept

Speakers? You get a pair of front firing fiberglass mid-range units with aluminium cones, two upward-firing TWZ WS 3.0 tweeters and a downward-firing bass reflex woofer with long excursion cellulose pulp cone.

LX Turntable From La Boite Concept

The product also utilises a patented technology called Wide Sound 3.0 which helps sound dispersion across the room.

Compatible with an induction charger, the unit also features a USB charging port.

Measuring 690 x 480 x 790mm, the LX Turntable weighs in at 30kg. Price is £3,420. You can buy it from the Conran shop in London: www.conranshop.co.uk

For further information, click www.laboiteconcept.com 

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  • Reply
    Neil Hollow
    9th June 2021 at 2:37 pm

    Very stylish design.

  • Reply
    Larry Hoffman
    9th June 2021 at 6:10 pm

    Hi Paul, just an observation; I wouldn’t think having the speakers, especially a woofer, in the same box as the turntable is a good idea. Bad enough having speakers on the same shelf as a turntable, let alone in the same box. What are your thoughts?

    • Reply
      Paul Rigby
      10th June 2021 at 9:57 am

      Absolutely – this is not an audiophile design, Larry it’s a lifestyle choice but there will be a ready market for it. And there are plenty such all-in-one systems out there.
      Saying that, the company has put some effort into it which is nice to see. The isolation layer at the top at least tries to minimise vibration and the inclusion of the Elipson turntable (which I equate to a decent deck from Pro-Ject) plus the Ortofon cart nods towards sound quality at least.
      Nevertheless, I like to feature designs like this on the site because it reminds us all that we don’t live in a bubble and prevents excessive navel gazing, we’re all different and have different needs and requirements and hi-fi design can sometimes just be about ‘fun’ instead of fussing over things like dynamic range and high-frequency noise (which is what I spend all day doing 🙂 )

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