Luxman CL-38uSE and MQ-88uSE: very limited editions indeed

16th March 2017

Limited to 100 pieces each, the proprietary designs of the CL-38u SE pre-amp and MQ-88u SE power amp include a number of custom-madeparts, including the transformers and block capacitors.

To celebrate the company’s 90th anniversary, components have been developed including a new oil capacitor.

The CL-38uSE encapsulates the design and features of the CL-35 control amplifier developed in 1970, updated and reconfigured, featuring upgraded ECC803 and ECC802 valves from Slovakia JJ Electronics. Other features include a shielded chassis housed in a wooden cabinet, SRPP (Shunt Regulated Push Pull) amplifier configuration that operates in anti-phase. The amplifier is equipped with a multi-function tone control and phono equaliser and is equipped with four MC cartridge step-up transformers, LR independent 2-stage gain independence and phono equaliser amplifier circuits.

You’ll also find a 3-stage treble and bass tone control and mono switch plus a low-cut switch to suppress unwanted low-frequency vibrations from warped records. A basic aluminum remote control is supplied. The amp spans 400 × 170× 307mm and weighs in at 13.5kg.

27857_MQ-88uSE valve power amp

The MQ-88uSE is based upon the MQ-60 stereo power amplifier and utilises KT-88 valves from Slovakia JJ Electronics, configured in triode mode while integrating miniature JJ-made valves into the amplifier and oil condenser connections. The paralleled first stage combines with a Mullard circuit in the driver stage and there are OY-15 type output transformers, redeveloped and encased in a cast aluminum housing, provide low-output impedance.

This unit is equipped with a fixed and variable input, the latter enabling direct connection with any source component without a preamplifier and delivers 25W into 6 Ohms with pure Class A operation. Valvues include two ECC803, two ECC802 and four KT88. Spanning 440 × 185 × 230mm it weighs in at 15.8kg.

27856_CL-38uSE and MQ-88uSE special-edition valve pre_power

Prices are: £4,000 for the CL-38uSE and £4,500 for the MQ-88uSE. Production of each model is strictly limited to 100 pieces.

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