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Lu Kang Introduce New Speakers

Taiwanese outfit, Lu Kang Audio has announced a series of new speakers with stands made to match

All models use custom Audio Technology drive units (and the size is reflected in the model name) with Hiquphon tweeters. 

Lu Kang Introduce New Speakers

SP200 with SP155 (above)

Cabinets are based upon one inch thick MDF (braced) designs which are then wrapped with real-wood veneer

The crossover design uses minimal components and is designed and produced in-house. 

Lu Kang Introduce New Speakers


Exclusively producing speakers, Lu Kang focus on stand-mount units only. Three models are on offer: SP230, SP200 and SP155.

Lu Kang Introduce New Speakers

Prices start at £4,245 rising to £6,500 and optional solid wood stands are available at £995

To learn more, click www.wholenotedistribution.co.uk

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