Logigram manual turntable: Crowdfunded

20th June 2018

The Logigram plinth incorporates a reinforcing layer of composite material. The idea is to, “…create an anti-resonant barrier between the tonearm/cartridge axis and the motor,” said the company

Logigram manual turntable: Crowdfunded

Logigram works as a two-speed, ‘plug-and-play’ turntable, with a synchronous motor and belt drive.

Logigram manual turntable: Crowdfunded

It is available in 3 different models:

Logigram One Black/White, features a 30mm MDF anti-resonant plinth and an Audio-Technica AT95E MM cartridge.

Logigram One Premium, features a 30mm plywood anti-resonant plinth and an Ortofon 2M Red MM cartridge with elliptical stylus.

Logigram One Ultimate features a double composite plinth (plywood + MDF) and an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge with nude elliptical stylus.

Logigram manual turntable: Crowdfunded

All models come with our 3D printed tonearm that features VTA regulation and anti-skating.

Logigram manual turntable: Crowdfunded

Logigram can be purchased through Indiegogo at a special early bird price limited to only 110 units.

Logigram manual turntable: Crowdfunded

The campaign will be launched on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 12:00 UTC:

Sydney, Australia – 10pm

Roma, Italia – 2pm

Londra, Regno Unito – 1pm

New York, USA – 8am

Santiago, Chile – 8am

Mexico City, Mexico – 7am

Los Angeles, USA – 5am

Logigram manual turntable: Crowdfunded

Logigram manual turntable: Crowdfunded

At the end of the Indiegogo campaign there will be a period of product optimisation, after which it will be produced in series.

Logigram manual turntable: Crowdfunded

Deliveries to “Backers” are scheduled for the beginning of 2019.

The Indiegogo special prices are:

Logigram black or white with AT95e at €459 (then €549)
Logigram Premium with 2M Red at €589  (then €699)
Logigram Ultimate with 2M Rlue at €729  (then €899)

There will be a limited number of units available at an ‘early bird’ discount of 30%. :
Logigram black or white €399
Logigram Premium €529
Logigram Ultimate €659

Dollar Prices:

Logigram black or white with AT95e at $547 (then $655)
Logigram Premium with 2M red at $702 (then $833)
Logigram Ultimate with 2M blue at $869 (then $1071)

‘Early Bird’:

Logigram black or white $475
Logigram Premium $630
Logigram Ultimate $785

Logigram manual turntable: Crowdfunded

To learn more click www.facebook.com/DEFOSS or Defoss.com or email [email protected] or call +39 389 530 5191 (Italy) or +56 9 324 26 850 (Chile).

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