Loewe klang 5: wireless speakers for TV viewing

27th January 2017

Floorstanders incorporate five drive units, four amps and integrate with Loewe TVs


Loewe, the German manufacturer, has launched a floorstanding speaker system called klang 5 (‘klang’ means ‘sound’ in German, as any self-respecting Kraftwerk fan will know).


Designed to work with Loewe TVs, including the bild 7 OLED set, the klang 5 speakers incorporate five drive units in a D’Appolito arrangement: a 25mm tweeter is flanked vertically by two 76mm midrange drivers and two 76mm woofers. The tweeter and midrange units are each driven by a separate amplifier, while a fourth amp module handles the two woofers, delivering a combined power output of 135W per speaker.


An acoustic waveguide helps sonic dispersion: wide to the sides for a big sweet spot and narrow on the vertical plane, to minimise reflections from the floor and ceiling.


The ‘klang link’ wireless transmitter box, which ensures lossless, high-speed digital audio transmission with latency of less than 5ms operates predominantly on the 5.8GHz frequency band but can switch automatically to 2.4GHz or 5.3GHz to avoid interference. The klang link secretes away within the cable management space at the back of all current Loewe TVs.


The speakers can be used as a simple stereo pair or with the matching klang 5 subwoofer in a 3.1 or 5.1 configuration. In both 3.1 and 5.1 set-ups, the soundbar incorporated into a Loewe TV such as the bild 7 acts as the centre speaker.


The speakers are automatically detected and independently logged by a Loewe TV. The TV and speakers power up together at the touch of a button on the TV’s remote. Additional controls on the speakers themselves enable their output to be tailored to suit their position in the room: freestanding, against a wall, or in a corner.


Inside the klang 5 subwoofer are three 203mm drive units. Two of these are passive while the third is powered by a 300W amp section. Digital signal processing is used to optimise performance. The sub’s output can be tailored to suit its position in the room.

Loewe klang 5 speakers: £3,490 per pair

Loewe klang 5 subwoofer: £1,390

Loewe klang link: £259

Click on www.loewe.tv for more information.