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Sondek LP12 Upgrades From Linn: Urika II & Lingo

Linn has launched two new LP12 Sondek upgrades the Lingo power supply and Urika phono amplifier


Urika II is an upgrade to the original Urika. Linn has developed its digital signal processing technology to carry out the process of implementing the RIAA curve within the digital domain, “…making it far more precise.”

Linn’s Sondek LP12 Upgrades: Urika II and Lingo

This new phono stage fits at Klimax level and will sit alongside the original Urika in the phono stage offering.


The second new product is the Lingo power supply, which now incorporates technology initially developed for Linn’s top-of-the-range Radikal power supply. The new model is pitched at Akurate level. It has a new motor speed management system and Linn now employs its digital processing technology to make the platter, “…spin accurately and more consistently.”

Linn’s Sondek LP12 Upgrades: Urika II and Lingo

As part of the 45th anniversary celebrations, Linn is offering anyone who purchases one of the new Sondek upgrades a discount of 15% on another LP12 upgrade product, with the discount applying to the second product.

Linn’s Sondek LP12 Upgrades: Urika II and Lingo

Additionally, Linn has reinstated the original fluted plinth design, which harks back to the design of the very first Sondek LP12.

Linn’s Sondek LP12 Upgrades: Urika II and Lingo

This limited edition plinth is available in all standard finishes and is only on offer to those purchasing one of the new upgrades.

Linn’s Sondek LP12 Upgrades: Urika II and Lingo

Sondek upgrade Prices? Urika II,  £2,750  and Lingo £1,450 To find a source for the upgrades, click www.linn.co.uk/find-a-shop

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    Barrie Simmonds
    29th October 2018 at 11:43 am

    Urika II is less engaging,less presence compared to the Urika which is more natural,more musical
    and has more presence.Listening to the Urika II for a length of time begins to sound like the DS?

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