linn teams up with timorous beastie designs for series 5 speakers

3rd June 2016

What’s going on? Are we re-entering the Age of Aquarius or something? First, Noble audio go psychedelic (see elsewhere) with their groovy chassis designs and now Linn have come over all tie-dye.

Apparently Linn and interior designers called Timorous Beaties (which sounds a bit too Terry Pratchett, if you ask me) have launched a new range of design-led, speaker systems based on the Series 5 speakers.

The new collection of ‘Fabrik’ covers brings together 10 Timorous Beasties designs, exclusively customised for Linn, and prints them on specially Linn Fabrik. Available to order now, the collection includes, er, Kaleido Splatt <cough>, Indie Wood and Topical Tropical.

 Series 5 consists of two systems, the Linn 520 and 530 while a Series 5 system complete with the Timorous Beastie covers costs £9,600 with additional covers available from £350.

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