Linn offers network music player deal

8th December 2017

Linn has launched the  offer of a complimentary second network music player when you buy one from the Akurate or Klimax range. From Monday 4 December 2017 you’ll receive a complimentary Majik DSM when you purchase a Klimax DS or Klimax DSM, or a complimentary Sekrit DSM when you buy an Akurate DS or Akurate DSM

Every Linn DS is completely upgradeable so you can take advantage of new features, services and even performance upgrades in the future.

And technologies like Space Optimisation built-in you also have a personalised option.

This offer is valid until 26th January 2018. Visit to find your nearest local Linn specialist to take advantage of this offer.

Prices? Klimax DS, £15,800; Klimax DSM, £18,900; Akurate DS, £5,150 & Akurate DSM, £6,350.