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Lenco L-92WA and L-3809 Turntables 

Lenco celebrates its 75th anniversary this year with two new turntables: one belt driven and the other a direct drive design

The Lenco L-92WA is a belt-driven turntable with a built-in dust cover, an integrated phono amplifier and USB port and pre-installed Audio Technica cartridge AT3600 cartridge. 

The dual speed design is a semi automatic turntable because the L-92WA includes an auto-return feature for the tonearm.

That means the arm returns to ours cradle when the record has finished playing.

Including an aluminium platter, the Lenco L-92WA is available for £249.

The Lenco L-3809 is a direct-drive design with, again, an aluminium platter and built-in phono amplifier and USB port to rip vinyl to a digital file. 

The twin speed design also includes a dust cover. Price is £240.

Having reviewed the L-3808 in the past, I was intrigued buy the L-3809, noting how compact the newer 3809 looks. Some of the interface furniture has been remodelled or reshuffled to allow that to happen.

I’ll be grabbing a review sample in the future to see if sound has changed in any way. 

To learn more, click www.lenco.com/en

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    Doctor Fine
    24th September 2021 at 4:33 pm

    Please test these for performance—look for zero hum especially with moving coil.
    A lot of these cheap Direct Drive tables are designed with zero shielding inside and they make terrible electrical noise and hum because of it.
    Test arm mass so we can figure out what cartridges work best with each.
    Compare the overall tone that you hear with a well sorted turntable with great tone.
    It is no good “saving money” on a cheap table IF the thing makes your cartridge sound fuzzy or shouty.
    Than you in advance.

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