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L30 Headphone Amp From Topping

The new L30 can be used as both a headphone/IEM amplifier or a preamplifier

The L30 headphone amplifier incorporates NFCA (Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) modules from the flagship A90. The latter apparently provide lots of power at low distortion. 

L30 Headphone Amp From Topping

It also reportedly incorporates Topping’s UHGF (ultra high gain feedback) technology in a voltage-current hybrid feedback architecture. 

L30 Headphone Amp From Topping

The L30 also has three toggled gain settings at -9.9db (for IEMs), 0db and 9.5db. 

It can also be used in two modes: amplifier and preamplifier modes. The preamp is accessible via a dedicated switch on the front panel. 

L30 Headphone Amp From Topping

The rear includes a socket for the power supply plus the usual headphone inputs and outputs. 

L30 Headphone Amp From Topping

An external AC adapter is included plus a single-ended 6.35mm socket on the front that sits alongside the gain control. Spanning 320 x 100 x 134mm, the price is $110.

For more information, click hifigo.com

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