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505 standmount speakers From Kudos’ Titan series

Kudos Audio has added to its Titan series of loudspeakers. The Titan 505 is a standmount model

Kudos 505 standmount speakers: Titan series

It includes aK3 tweeter – a unique SEAS-Kudos design. Based on SEAS’ 29mm Crescendo K2 fabric dome tweeter. Enhanced features include an improved magnet system with copper shorting rings, a completely new resonance chamber and a new face-plate profile.

Kudos 505 standmount speakers: Titan series

The 505 is a two-way design. Its twin mid-bass drivers are new, featuring double-coated hard paper cones.

Kudos 505 standmount speakers: Titan series

The 505 sports an isobaric arrangement in which the second mid-bass driver is positioned internally back-to-back with the first.

Kudos 505 standmount speakers: Titan series

The cabinet features constrained layer damping in the side panels. The reflex port is  an adaptation of the Kudos fixed boundary design.

Kudos 505 standmount speakers: Titan series

The speakers can be run either passively or actively. The crossovers are engineered such that they can be by-passed in order to enable active operation with selected systems including Linn Exakt and Devialet Expert.

Kudos 505 standmount speakers: Titan series

An optional, dedicated, seven pillar stand has been specially designed for use with the Titan 505.  This high performance stand allows six of the seven pillars to be filled with the listener’s choice of material to dampen resonance. The top plate of the stand incorporates constrained layer damping to reduce resonance and the stand is bolted directly to the base of the Titan 505 for optimum results.

Out now, prices are:

with Tineo / Red Tineo / Walnut / Satin White / Black Oak finish

– including dedicated stand




Special order edition in White or Black Gloss Lacquer finish

– including dedicated stand




To learn more, click www.kudosaudio.com

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