Kimber Kable’s Carbon Speaker Cables

23rd August 2019

The Carbon 18XL speaker cable features a braided construction, a non-twisted parallel straight run of conductors and eight 19.5AWG conductors, braided around an inner microwave-cured neoprene core

Situated within the core of both the positive and negative braids, a run of non-twisted 14.5AWG VariStrand copper conductors are employed. The combining of these two geometries within the single speaker cable apparently aids noise rejection,  damping and DC resistance.

A layer of electrostatically dissipative carbon doped polymer, between the copper conductors and Teflon dielectric, “…reduces mechanically induced noise and improves conductivity,” said the company. The polymer fills the spaces between the strands helping to maintain the geometry.

WBT-0610Cu bananas are fitted as standard.

Carbon 18XL speaker cable is hand-built to order and available now from Russ Andrews. All standard length cables in the Carbon range come with Russ Andrews’ 60-day money-back guarantee. For more information on Kimber Kable, visit the dedicated Kimber Hub on the Russ Andrews website.

Kimber Carbon 18 XL loudspeaker cable prices:

  • 1.0m pair          £2870
  • 2.5m pair          £4526
  • 3.5m pair          £5620
  • 4.5m pair          £6734

Every additional 0.5m (per pair) £552
Terminated with WBT-0661Cu or WBT-0681Cu spades at no extra cost.
Terminated with Silver WBT-0610Ag plugs, add £442 to the above pricing.


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