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Kerr Acoustic speakers: K100, K300 & K320

Pro audio outfit, Kerr Acoustic has entered the home market featuring mid-range and bass units from Volt plus ribbon tweeters 

One feature of note is the Kerr Acoustic transmission line bass loading, reportedly as low as 16Hz in the K100 (and 33Hz in the standmount K300).

The Kerr Acoustic range currently includes three models, with a fourth planned later this year. 

Kerr Acoustic speakers: K100, K300 & K320

At the top end, the K100 3-way floorstander was designed as a full-range home loudspeaker, the K300 2-way standmount was also conceived for studio use.

Kerr Acoustic speakers: K100, K300 & K320

“And if you want all of the K300’s benefits in a floorstander,” said the company, the 2-way K320 has been developed to do precisely that.

Kerr Acoustic speakers: K100, K300 & K320

Kerr Acoustic loudspeakers are available now, in real wood veneer, satin or gloss finishes.

Kerr Acoustic speakers: K100, K300 & K320



Wood Veneer Satin Gloss
K300 2-way standmount (mk.3) £4,995 £5,495 £5,995
K320 2-way floorstander (mk.3) £7,495 £8,395 £9,295
K100 3-way floorstander (mk.2) £22,995 £25,495 £27,995

Satin and gloss finishes are available in any colour at no extra cost.

To learn more, click www.kerracoustic.com or call 0118 981 4238.

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