KEF launch’s MUO wireless Bluetooth speaker

10th January 2016

KEF has announced the launch of the MUO, a new wireless Bluetooth speaker created by KEF in collaboration with designer Ross Lovegrove.

KEF engineers worked with Lovegrove to create a strong molded internal enclosure to house MUO’s drivers. These are encased in an outer shell of extruded aluminium, with rubber feet.

The MUO’s miniaturised Uni-Q driver array decouples the tweeter dome from the outer cone by a flexible membrane. This means that the whole diaphragm is free to pump out midrange frequencies as powerfully as a conventional driver, while allowing the tweeter dome to move independently. The mid/bass cone is profiled to act as a waveguide for the tweeter. Flanked by the twin driver arrays is a long-throw auxiliary bass radiator.

You can synchronise a pair of MUOs to stream stereo sound via Bluetooth aptX. Alternatively, when you want to place them far apart – at a party for example – simply select the ‘Dual Connect’ party mode to replicate the same full-range response in both speakers.

MUO also comes with an internal sensor that automatically optimises its output to suit its orientation. So, whether you place MUO upright or horizontally, inside or outside your home, the unit automatically delivers the same output.

Non-Bluetooth connection includes a 3.5mm Aux input. Most Android devices will also connect via its NFC ‘Tap-to-Pair’ function: hold the device against MUO’s surface and they’ll be paired and ready to stream in seconds.

Choice of five finishes include horizon gold, storm grey, light silver, neptune blue and sunset orange. Price is £299.95

For more details, click or call 01622 672 261.